Saturday, January 29, 2011

CP means Critique Partner (FTW... forthewin)

There's a lot of jargon in this business. Here are some things I didn't know when I was new. Maybe it will help some of you or maybe you all know more than I do, or did. Here goes:

CP= Critique partner. Either virtual or in person this person will read your book and critique it. This means rip it to shreds.  You need one or two of these people who you TRUST and who know your VOICE.  Want to know how I found mine? I saw the term CP all over the place. I didn't know what it meant. I looked it up. Then I went on facebook to a page of a writer and bravely wrote on her wall. And another person who was looking for a partner commented on my post.  Luckily we were a good match. This means we liked each others books, worked at a speed that was fast enough, and didn't buckle under the tone of our line critiques.  I've had a few others here and there and the thing I know now? I only ever needed  TWO and I was lucky enough to find them. Thanks AMANDA and KARI!

BETA READER: This is a virtual reader who will read your book for content. Story... plot.  Sometimes confused with CP. :) Thank you Loretta!

MS= Manuscript 
MSS=Multiple Manuscripts



The most important portion of this list of jargon is the CP. A critique is not an opinion, it is a suggestion for change. Don't underestimate how much work it is to be a CP. It's like adopting a baby. You can't say you don't like something or something doesn't work without telling the writer why and/or offering a suggestion. Think about that for a second, line by line.... Yeah.  So while it's GREAT to have this free editorial service for your own work, you have to do the job on the opposite end.  I'm at the other end now... doing a revision for my agent at the same time when my CP's work is open on my desktop getting a scan and note when I take breathers from my own work.  Not to mention the acutal day-job and the mothering of three girls and the spousing of my darling husband. 

Hope this helps!


  1. It does help. A lot. Thank you!

  2. I did that once upon a time,,:)

  3. Liza! I'm glad. More to come...
    Glen... and again, right? soon?