Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On Submission!

Okay. Deep breaths.

Next week... next week I begin the next level of the game. (For my sanity I liken the publishing business to a video game. I love gaming and MAN was that Query Level hard to beat!)

I wonder what the level will look like. What demons will I have to slay? What are the tricks? How long will it take me to win?  Because here's the thing.

When I beat this level, I've won this particular game.

Wow. If there ever was a time for patience and perseverance it's now. 

And in an ASTOUNDING moment of pure literary gold......

Last night my oldest daughter and her friends finally beat the DRAN. It's a demon in an old school play station 2 game. They've been stuck on that level for eight years. EIGHT YEARS.

But they did it!

So there.

I'll do it too.


  1. I think beating the DRAN has to be a good omen, right?

    Good luck!


  2. The waiting is the absolute hardest part in this level! But you can do it! ;)

  3. Eight years, talk about perseverance. Wonder where that was learned.
    - Sophia.

  4. Yes, you will do it. I can't wait to hear the news when you do.

  5. you are a winner ms suzyhazye. keep on'a keepin on,,,

  6. This is late (I'm abroad at the moment), but chiming in to say - YOU CAN DO IT!!! :)