Friday, April 29, 2011

A writer's Dream Lunch

Okay. Question for you.  If you were to have lunch with a famous writer (ALIVE) who would it be?  How about I add an hour or so of quiet writing side by side?

My answer: Alice Hoffman.

Oh Alice. Remember me? I'm the one who tweeted you back and told you how to "Unfollow" all the people you followed on twitter before you decided that tweeting wasn't your cup of tea.

Dear Ms. Hoffman,

My name is Suzanne and I'm a writer. My novel is going out on submission this week and I'm very, very scared. (And happy too!)

Today I saw my essay "The Mother Crush" was published in Life Learning Magazine. And I thought... dreams, they do come true, right??  So how about lunch?

I'd love to write with you.

All best,
Suzanne Hayes

How about you guys? Who do you want to eat lunch with and then write a bit with?


  1. Bernard Cornwell. Hands down. Everything I learned about sword play, I learned from reading his books!


  3. ooohhhhh Cornwell and Gaiman! Nice choices writer friends!

  4. Hi there! I came across your blog via Guide to Literary Agents, and I love the concept of this post! If I could have lunch with any living author, it would have to be Sara Gruen (I'd say Barbara Kingsolver but I think I'd be too intimidated to speak). She just seems so down to earth, and we could bond over our mutual love of animals. :)

  5. Elizabeth Berg (Talk Before Sleep)--pure envy for her writing compelled me to begin! I found your blog on the Writers Digest site and I enjoyed the "Things I've Leraned So Far" post. I don't know anything about nuclear physics or hospice nursing...but I'm willing to bet that writing is the hardest thing on Earth to do. Otherwise why would we all require so much advice and encouragement...and bebefit from it? Thank God for other writers!

  6. Great questions! Alice Hoffman is also a favorite of mine but since you are already having lunch with her, I'll invite Anne Tyler, Rita Mae Brown or Janet Evanovich