Friday, January 28, 2011

First EVER post! Book Review (Gush) Neverland


Today's post has to do with a good read. Do you remember those? The one's you get lost in?  Well this one might be a good one for you. If there's anything I've learned in this business so far, it's that a story is a subjective thing. So this book isn't for everyone. 
  • If you like Stephen King, read this book.
  • If you like a good spooky story, read this book.
  • If you like a page-turner, read this book.
  • Brief Summary: Two boys get into a heap of trouble in an old shack at the back of a vacation house. Steeped in family history and set against the backdrop (always tantalizing) of the deep south, Neverland takes us back in time to when we all believed that magically evil things existed and could snatch us up at any moment. Nostalgic at the same time as suspenseful the book was supremely satisfying.
Though not as rich in character development as King, Clegg achieves a level of psychological horror reminiscent of Stand By Me and Pet Cemetery.  

I give it a hell of a lot of stars and two big toes up. Way up.  


And by the way, welcome to this blog. I'll be posting three days a week. Reviews, interviews, and general information on getting a literary agent and the whole damn publishing process. If there's anything specific you'd like to know about this game... don't hesitate to comment or drop me an email.


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  3. Sounds great. I do love a freaky tale.

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