Monday, April 25, 2011

The importance of rituals

Rule one in the writing world is:  Write. Write everyday.

Sometimes this is hard to do. One of the things I do to help me with this is, well... blog. But sometimes? Sometimes I need to focus on my novels and essays. The paying things!

This morning I dropped my youngest daughter off at pre-school.  I took her inside because we were bringing back her pillow and blanket (freshly washed from spring vacation).

"Where do you put your things, Little Bit?" I asked her. (We call her Little Bit. As in, Little bit of luck, little bit of sugar, little bit of ---- whatever fits!)

She pointed to a set of cubbyholes. One said GRACE right above it. I laughed and we put her things away.

Then she took her lunch box out of her bookbag. I thought of asking her why... but I wanted to watch her. And I could tell she wanted me to watch her too.

She put her lunch box on the bottom of the cubby and then took out a snack. She put her snack on top of the cubby and then put her folder next to it. I looked and all the other children did the same thing.

Their morning ritual. It keeps them on track. It focuses them. It lets them know "I'm at School Now"

Genius.  So though I write everyday... I need a better schedule for the WIP. 1k at least a day. And I'm going to make sure I figure out a ritual to go along with it.

How about you? Do you have any rituals that help you to write?


  1. Writing every day is like exercise. The first couple of days are rough, but once you get into a routine, it comes naturally!

  2. I've been writing my WIP daily for forty-something days but since I don't know what I need to write today I can see myself having to force myself to open my files. But as four o'clock drags around I know I'll have to, because that's become my routine time. Sometimes I leave it a little later but by four writer's guilt sets in and, most of the time, it's easier to just write than fight against it.
    - Sophia.

  3. Do clearing my inbox and pouring a drink count as a ritual? 'Cause that's my preferred start to a writing session. :)

  4. Writing everyday is essential. I fall out of "the zone" if I don't. I think of it as turning up at the office- a VERY FUN office :)