Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ooohhh! Pretty New Things! And news....

I hit send on the final (cross your fingers) set of edits to Glorious Agent Anne. And now?

NOW I can finish my WIP!!!!!!!!!!! Oh! How I've missed you. My pretty characters. My lovely old southern mansion. My murder mystery. My deep, aching sorrow.

And then the redemption. 

There is nothing like a shiny new story. Nothing in the world. It's almost more exciting than babies.

How about you? Are you giddy when you start a new project?


  1. Nothing compares to writing new words!

  2. Giddy... and scared. At the moment mostly scared. It's not the writing... it's the weight of a WHOLE book.... seems too much some times... ya know :)

    Glad your revisions are done.