Monday, February 28, 2011

My Kingdom, my Vegas, my golden god......

Recently I took a vacation. To Las Vegas. I'm a whore for a good character. And let me tell you, Las Vegas is the place to go to meet some rich characters. Every dealer has a story. Every laughing, gambling couple. All the homeless on the streets. So much sad and luxury. So much kitsch and trend. My head buzzed, no... ached... with the cacophony of voices struggling to get free from closed mouths. Mouths with smiles pasted across lips even as their eyes betrayed them.

Poker chips and smoke. The smell of sour fruit embedded into carpets from spilled drinks. The desperate people standing beside the rich. Each roll of the dice meaning something different for each person.

Sometimes it hurts to be a writer. No. It hurts all the time.



  1. This was a beautiful post. The images of the scenes in Las Vegas are vivid, and that last line was particularly stellar. Kinda making me want to go to Vegas here.
    - Sophia.

  2. Enjoying both your blogs. I love visiting far away places and finding material for writing. I love going to the coffee shop down the road and finding material for writing. Sometimes, it happens in the grocery store. :) What a rich world.

    Thanks for finding us at What Women Write, too!