Friday, March 4, 2011

Sarah's Key: Book Review

Sarah's Key, by Tatiana DeRosnay is a great read! And believe me... the more I write the more I become a plot snob. I've thrown books across the room! (not my e-reader... only the trade paperbacks!).  I'll do this review (gush) as I did the last one, and as I will do all future posts on reviews. In bullet points. Why? Because we are ALL super busy and it should be a fast decision. I don't want to read a book about a book. Just gimme the facts, Jack, right?
  • Beware: Holocaust and child endangerment. I like these stories but many readers don't.
  • Plot starts on sentence ONE! Want a page turner? You got one. 
  • I couldn't put it down.
  • It weaves artfully back and forth between a third person account of a little girl caught in a horrific round up in Nazi occupied Paris, and a first person account of a present day journalist whose life is taken over by the story. Literally.
  • Succinct prose. DeRosnay can successfully create an entire scene in one paragraph. This is hard to do, I know.
  • The only negative: The story ends before the book does... so the last four chapters or so are a little draggy. That's okay because I wanted to stay with the characters for a little while longer, but it's kind of like when you stay at a dinner party five minutes too long. You get tired of the host.
Thank you Ms. DeRosnay! Thank you for not making me throw my Kindle against the wall!

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